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Thread: Strangest Christmas Present You've Ever Bought

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    Strangest Christmas Present You've Ever Bought

    toothbrushes. I had found an electric toothbrush I liked, so one year I bought a bunch and gave them as stocking stuffers.
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    Clover seed and inoculant. One year, I decided to create some nice bee pasture so I could have hives. Neighbors were interested with my seeding clover all over the property, and said that they thought it sounded like a good idea. So I bought a huge bag of commercial clover mix, inoculated it, and spread it all over every neighbor's yard who had thought it was a good idea.

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    I have a catnip shrub growing in my yard so i dried some leaves, ground them up to a powder, mixed them with baking soda and put them in little sachels labeled 'kitty coke' (much as one would find the real thing inside) and passed them round to all my friends with cats at a party i had last weekend. For those who know what catnip does to cats you would understand the 'kitty coke' description is pretty much right on the money. For those who dont, watch scarface and imagine tabby as Tony Montana and you would be pretty close. )

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