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    Quote Originally Posted by xerxes View Post
    Interestingly enough.
    Iran stands for land of Aryans.

    The father of the late Shah had renamed Persia into Iran in the 30s, as he wanted to move away from Qajars-era negativity that surrounded the name Persia. Let's just say the Qajars lost a lot of Persia's territory to Russia in the North not to mention losing Herat and surrounding territories in the east. I guess he was looking for a new dawn sort of thing. A reset. Little he knew that 50 years later, the name of Iran would be stained in turn. With both the name of Persia and Iran stained, we might have no choice but to rename it Disneyland next time around.

    But i say let's keep the name Iran. To hell what people thinks.

    You can try Parthava or Media ).And really is only idiots who would say anything about ancient names and symbols.Idiots are candidates for being ignored anyway.

    Anyway,linking Aryans and books among other things is this fundamental study.Really loved it
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