Serbian Pirates Plunder the Danube
A Bulgarian fought them back, the pirates are mostly after oil and metals

The Balkan pirates are not as scary and dangerous as their Somalian colleagues
Dauntless pirates sail the Danube and plunder any vessel they catch on their way, reads an article in the Serbian Politika newspaper. The Balkan pirates are not as spectacular as their Somalian colleagues as they do not take hostages but instill fear with threats for physical violence. A Bulgarian sailor proved too hard a nut. The Politika tells of the "headstrong Bulgarian" who put up resistance and was thrown into the river. After the incident the crew yielded to the attackers.
The Danube pirates often attack Bulgarian ships. For the last two years 38 crew-free compositions of Bulgarian River Shipping have been attacked and plundered at the Smederevo port. The river section where pirates are most active is from Smederevo to Belgrade. The section is unguarded and pirates have little difficulty in snatching booty - oil, metals, wheat, sugar and fertilizers.
Tsvetelina Terzieva

piracy in the heart of eastern Europe! well at least riverine shipping should be easy to protect if you have regular patrols along the banks.