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Thread: dead colts of presidential election

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    dead colts of presidential election

    iraq war, tax, gay marriage, gun control, (stem cell?)...
    these election topics are dead horses beaten into bloody pulp.

    it is high time to beat some dead colts.

    here are some i can come up with for now:

    what is mccain's or obama's stand on death penalty? is death penalty just a lukewarm or forgotten issue in america?

    are they pro-macintosh or pc?

    do they think besides hardworking and intelligent, luffaman can be as full of leadershipt as any otherman can be? )

    will they pick "cute" or "sexy" as the most attractive word to describe luffaman?(sorry, can't help it, please bear with my narcissism) ) )

    ps: you are welcom to chip in anything, but please no trash talk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by luffaman View Post
    are they pro-macintosh or pc?
    Death to Macs!!!
    "Only Nixon can go to China." -- Old Vulcan proverb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunnut View Post
    Death to Macs!!!
    is it because it is difficult to find rip-off softwares for that platform?

    gunnut, listen, don't get hurt, i was called or hinted as commie by both lefties and righties in this forum, i figured that throwing an e-teatime for the moderates may win me some chattering buddies, your obviously on the far right side of the political spectrum.:P

    yes, you are more than welcome to stay and communicate, just don't be a party crasher and scare off my guests. )

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