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Thread: Iran to move its assets to beat EU

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    Iran to move its assets to beat EU

    Ahmadinejad has ordered Iran's leading banks to transfer billions of dollars of assets from Europe to the Central Bank to prevent them being frozen by international sanctions.

    The funds are being moved to Tehran through a secret network of "front" companies set up in Gulf states such as Dubai.

    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ordered the move amid growing concern that Iranian banks would soon be subject to strengthened European Union-level sanctions. But his action has caused friction with Tahmaseb Mazaheri, the governor of the Central Bank. The Iranian press has reported that he may resign over the issue.

    This would constitute a serious blow to Ahmadinejad's already battered reputation for economic competence. Mazaheri has only been in the job nine months after he replaced Ibrahim Sheibani, who resigned over the Iranian president's attempts to control the activities of the state's banks.

    Ahmadinejad was dealt a serious blow in April when the economy minister resigned, accusing the government of implementing "unscientific" policies.

    The European Union has come under pressure from the United States to impose sanctions against Iranian banks suspected of financing Tehran's controversial nuclear programme and international terror groups in Iraq and Lebanon.

    For the past year the Bush administration has been targeting Iranian banks in an attempt to deny Ahmadinejad finance for the nuclear programme. Intense pressure has been applied to Western banks and companies not to do business with Tehran.

    Washington also succeeded in persuading the United Nations Security Council to monitor the financial dealings of two Iranian banks – Bank Melli and Bank Saderat – as part of the new sanctions imposed against Iran in March under resolution 1803.

    Washington, with Britain's support, is pressuring the UN to take firmer action against a number of Iranian banks, while Brussels is considering restrictions of its own over Tehran's refusal to call a halt to its uranium enrichment programme.

    But Western officials fear most of the bank's assets will have been repatriated to Iran before any ban comes into force. They are particularly concerned at the role of Dutch banks in helping to transfer funds back to Tehran via Dubai.

    Although there is no suggestion that the Dubai government is involved in the smuggling operation, the Gulf state is known to have close trading ties with Iran and there are an estimated 10,000 Iranian companies based in Dubai, making it difficult for Western officials to detect unusual financial transactions. Iran to move its assets to beat EU

    I am,at this moment, sure that a war is not so far. maybe, in 10-15 years period...
    kenan2action speaks louder than words

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    This guy makes me laugh. Quite like some politicians thinking he can pull down the shades and the world will go away. Its very surprising they elected this fool to any other office then the Sanitation Dept for the **** he spews.

    10-15 years? More like 10-15 months.
    Fortitude.....The strength to persist...The courage to endure.

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