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Thread: Global Warming...Fact or Fiction?

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    What you need to know & are not told about hurricanes
    Editor of the Fabius Maximus website Science & Nature 14 September 2017

    Summary: Millions of words were expended reporting about Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, but too little about the science connecting them to climate change. Here are the details, contrasted with the propaganda barrage of those seeking to exploit these disasters for political gain. Letís listen to these scientists so we can better prepare for what is coming. Failure to do so risks eventual disaster.

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    What's wrong with climate change?

    Why do we have to keep the climate static?
    "Only Nixon can go to China." -- Old Vulcan proverb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunnut View Post
    What's wrong with climate change?

    Why do we have to keep the climate static?
    Climate has been changing for 4.5 billion years, and it will continue changing long after the human species no longer walks this planet.

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    German court hears Peruvian farmer's climate change appeal

    A German court began hearing an appeal Monday by a Peruvian farmer who accuses energy giant RWE of contributing to climate change that is threatening his home and livelihood in the Andes.

    Saul Luciano Lliuya argues that RWE, as a major historic emitter of greenhouse gases, must share in the cost of protecting his hometown Huaraz from a swollen glacier lake at risk of overflowing from melting snow and ice.

    A lower court in the western city of Essen where RWE is based dismissed the initial lawsuit last December, ruling that Luciano had failed to demonstrate a direct link between the German utility and the flood risk.

    Luciano, who is also a mountain guide, is now hoping the higher court in the city of Hamm will side with him in what German media have likened to a "David versus Goliath" battle.

    "RWE is one of the largest emitters in the world," the father-of-two said in a statement issued by the pressure group Germanwatch, which has been advising him.

    "These companies have not taken responsibility for the consequences of their emissions. You don't have to be a lawyer to know this isn't just," the 37-year-old added.

    Luciano wants RWE to pay 17,000 euros ($20,000) to help pay for flood defences for his community in Peru's northern Ancash region.

    He also wants the German company to reimburse him for the 6,384 euros he himself has spent on protective measures.

    Luciano bases his claims on a 2013 climate study which found that RWE was responsible for 0.5 percent of global emissions "since the beginning of industrialisation"—which he says makes it at least partly responsible for his plight.


    He's not having much success with it though; first instance court threw out the case without even hearing either side, the second instance court now is at least acknowledging that there might be a case, and before opening proceedings at all has given RWE two weeks to respond before they decide on whether to give the trial a chance. The money amounts named in the article above are somewhat misleading - he's basically asking for 30 bucks as RWE's share in how much he has had to invest to secure his house from climate-induced flooding, and it's notionally a civil case that's about this demand. His case in itself of course has a different intention than that money, and is sponsored by various climate protection groups.

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