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Thread: What's your favourite poem?

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    'Stopping by woods on a snowy evening'. by Robert Frost. Just hearing the poem, and reading the poem, was the highlight of my English learning at school. Not that one learned a lot of English, from the poem. But, my knowledge of English was adequate, then, to admire the poem terribly.

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    I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud- W. Wordsworth.
    This poem is actually really simple. The thing is I have a major anxiety problem and when I recite this poem it actually helps me relax a little and it's something to concentrate on while I work through.

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    I'm not sure

    But sometimes when we've had too much to drink by a long way, we invent verse (talk bollocks)
    and take the piss out of each other
    here goes
    And so the Emperor announces games for 5 weeks and the crowd cheers
    Down with the corrupt status Quo, Light the bonfires and let the festivities begin
    Asgard and the great hall awaits for those who dare, fight and sacrifice
    While those with the panic plague find a bed with Hell in Hel!

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