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Thread: French Life under German Occupation

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    French Life under German Occupation

    Hi folks,

    I'm doing research (just getting started) on daily French life in Normandy during the German occupation. Can anyone recommend good, informative, accurate websites or books?

    Also, if anyone can help me with information regarding where I can find weather data for Normandy in the 1940s I would sure appreciate it! I tried and - both good sites - but neither helped in this instance.

    Thanks in advance!


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    The London Financial Times had a very good section on Normandy and the occupation of France around the D-Day anniversary in 2004.

    I have a French friend whose family is from Normandy. They lived there during the Occupation and a couple members were part of the Resistance. I'll ask him tommorow.

    P.S.: I sent you a Private Message (you can access them at the top right of the page.) Welcome.
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    Here is a link as to the weather during that place and time that should be helpful.,00.html
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    Try the British War Archives.

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