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Not sure I can think of a clever question, so this one will have to do.

Name two C20th battles where US, British, Australian & Canadian forces fought together. Extra points if they are on different continents.
Second Battle of the Somme 1918 21 AUG 12 SEP 18 France

4th British Army w/ BR III, VIII, X, XIII, XV & Cavalry Corps; Canadian Corps, Australian Corps II (US) Corps AEF

Battle of Kapyong 22- 25 APR 51 Korea

27th Commenwealth Bde (3 RAR, 2 PPCLI, 1 Middlesex, Royal NZ Artillery), 6th ROK Division, 5th CAV Regt (US)

I am sure there could also be some air battles (like Normandy coverage) and some convoys but they weren't land battles.