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Thread: Aviation Quiz

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dazed View Post
    19th Century physicist and engineer whose invention is still found on USN aircraft carriers to this day
    I'd guess Clement Ader who was a 19th century inventor but not a "physicist" yet published a book laying out the idea of a flat deck, elevators, and a hanger. The deck is to be cleared of all obstacles to be flat and wide as possible to look like a landing field.

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    Nope. Our man was very good at the physics part and as an engineer was able to put theory into actual practice. As a physicist, he was sometimes secondary to the work. This didn't cost him any interference. Even by the optics of his time, he was not a polarizing figure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbm3fan View Post
    Off the record that is the movie and would have mentioned it earlier if I had seen this. The movie gives a great idea on how Skyraiders were used to do that.
    My uncle was assigned to the first Skyraider squadron to go aboard the Essex in Korea (he had been at China Lake as a weapons test officer and was sent along with VF-54 (Hell's Angels). He said his commander LtCdr Gray (and the whole squadron, really) would lose his mind when they did this to his aircraft! We watched Bridges of Toko-ri together in the mid-1980s and he was still pissed off about it!
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