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Thread: India, US, Israel Alignment. A new World Order?

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    India, US, Israel Alignment. A new World Order?

    Sharon's visit to India has cemented the Indo Israel friendship has opened new dimensions in the international power politics. This is more important since Israel remains an outcaste East of the Mediterranean while India is very much a major player East of the Israel. Yet, at the same time India has not been able to shake off the legacy of being a friend of the Islamic Middle East nation especially of Palestine and Arafat. That's where the dichotomy arises. Even if the current right wing government of India wishes to shed its Islamic friends, it cannot because: -

    1. It has the second largest Muslim population in the world {incidentally very much more that Pakistan, the self appointed conscience keeper of World Islam}. Alienating the Muslims of India would portend even more terrorist attacks and would prove expensive in the vote bank politics that hallmark the Indian democracy.
    2. The Islamic countries control the world oil resources and India heavily banks on them. Therefore, abandoning the Islamic nations of the Middle East would be suicidal.

    While Indians have natural affinity for the US because of its liberal secularism and democratic institution, yet they are chary of the US especially with Bush's 'either you are with us or against us' theory. It reminds them of the heavy handedness of the infamous John Foster Dulles. It will be appreciated that no Nation [especially those who have emerged from a colonial past] however weak would appear to be a lackey or a vassalage of any other Nation. It is for the very reason why John Foster Dulles pushed most countries into the willing arms of the USSR who were more accommodating apart from being liberal with terms of aid to build the newly independent countries. Notwithstanding, India is a natural ally of the US, especially in the new world order that is emerging.

    India has kept her peace with China. Both are playing their cat and mouse games. Dalai Lama is a sore point apart from the border question which the Chinese throw into the garbage can as an unequal treaty imposed on them by the British. Though India and China are 'friends', the Chinese incursions into South Asia [Coco Island in Myanmar (Burma)] is, to India, worrisome. The nuclear acquisitions and modernisation of the PLA too create issues that cannot be wished away. This is also Japan's headache as it is to India.

    Islamist resurgence has India worried as much as it is to China and internationally too. Pakistan the epicentre of Islamic resurgence and the military academy for all Islamic 'warriors' or terrorists if you will continues to merrily befool the world.

    Therefore, given the US - Israel - India apparently alignment, with China emerging as the second focal point in international equations and questioning the US's supremacy in the world and Pakistan merrily churning out more terrorists that the world can handle, what will be the geo-political and the social order that we can envisage in the near future?

    Any comments?

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    Think this reporter is making too much out of a non-existing alliance. India is neither ally nor friend. Israel also got major dealings in China. The J10 project as a major example. They've also regunned alot of Chinese tanks.

    The US don't care about the Sino-Indo border and isn't interested in India's help in containing China which India cannot help. That job belongs to Japan with a much superior navy.

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