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Thread: 400,000 posts and still going strong

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    400,000 posts and still going strong

    We've reached 400,000 posts on WAB -- and we're still going strong and show no signs of slowing down. I've been able to locate the 400,000th post, made by HistoricalDavid.
    Quote Originally Posted by TopHatter View Post
    An apt description.

    I'll say this, the Tu-160 is one gorgeous aircraft!

    I'm also fond of the Tu-22M's smart, sharp appearance.
    Quote Originally Posted by HistoricalDavid View Post
    It's too aristocratic for me, with its upturned nose. :p
    Not a huge milestone, but we're definitely on our way to half a million.
    What I don't want to see is the Bills winning a Super Bowl. As long as I'm alive that doesn't happen.

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    We each do our part.


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