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Thread: ghost fleet

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    Quote Originally Posted by tyrosalt View Post
    Marad contracted All Star Metals, Brownsville to recycle the USCG cutters Iris (WLB-395) and Planetree (WLB-307) on 10th September. All Star will be paid $1,359,400.00.

    The vessels will be cleaned at Mare Island before they leave from there as a double tow.

    I will update this post as soon as I get the dates for the dry docking. The cutters have to leave within 14 days of undocking.
    Passed over the Benicia-Martinez Bridge last week. Could see the Iris and Planetree sitting off by themselves. Once they are out it looks like Suisun will be down to four ships. What a difference from the 100+ I saw in 1999.

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    Appreciate the notification that PLANETREE and IRIS are finally going to be put out of their misery. According to Joe Pecoraro, fleet manager of the SBRF: "IRIS and PLANETREE are scheduled to depart the Reserve Fleet on December 11, arriving at Mare Island Dry Dock the same day. They should be in the drydock for hull cleaning and completion of towing preparations for a few days. The tentative towing date to Brownsville for the ships is on or about December 21."

    In addition to the $1,359,400 for the recycling, the contract for cleaning, sea chest blanking and hull strengthening prior to leaving the Bay area is another $358,485.

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