Everyone in this world has a Hero, one person that they look up to and strive to become. For me, my Great Uncle Billy is that person. I admire the man and the tireless work he has done and continues to do.

For the longest time I only knew him through pictures and over conversations with relatives, or seen him on the news or television programs about his work in Africa. However, this summer, at our annual family reunion I met the man in person for the first time. His charisma is like a magnet, and makes everyone around him happier. If saints still exist, than my nomination is definately my great uncle.

I recently asked him if he would be interested in becoming a member of this board, however, understandably he is just to buisy to become a member. However, he said that I may use his poems and share them with all of you.

These are the poems of my Great Uncle, other people wether you are military or not can add you poems here as well.

Uncle Billy, thank you.

William H.A. Willbond, MSM, CD