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  • Saving Private Ryan

    31 22.96%
  • Band of Brothers

    26 19.26%
  • Pearl Harbor

    2 1.48%
  • Zulu

    10 7.41%
  • Black Hawk Down

    13 9.63%
  • The Boat

    7 5.19%
  • Gettysburg

    2 1.48%
  • The Great Escape

    3 2.22%
  • All Quiet on the Western Front

    7 5.19%
  • Other. [Tell us your choice]

    34 25.19%
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Thread: Best War Movie

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    Tora Tora Tora. If the movie historically accurate. I know how America was lulled to sleep. That movie ran longer than WWII.

    My boss owns one of the Kates form Tora Tora Tora. It began life as a T-6 in 1944, in 1969 three plugs in the fuselage and grafted on the tale of a VT-13? and new wing tips and canopy and you got a Kate replica. So the owner paint scheme and a/c mx is Japanese the aircraft all American parts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TopHatter View Post
    I'm no expert by any means, but Valkyrie was definitely a good movie IMO, although it had to stretch things a bit. For one thing it makes the coup look like it was succeeding more than it actually was, among other things.

    The Wiki article on the movie goes into pretty good detail, but more importantly provides links to other articles for further study.
    Thanks! Yes, the Wikipedia article looks like an excellent reference. It seems that the changes made by the moviemakers were intentional and pretty much necessary to make it work as a movie; mostly just nits such as compressing the time and number of encounters necessary to get the modified Valkyrie plan approved by Adolf Hitler. It's a amusing to think that the director left out the bit about von Stauffenberg refusing morphine because people would believe that the truth of it was a contrivance. He mentioned that in the voice-over director's comments on the DVD release.

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    Band of Brothers
    Kelly's Heroes - there is more to this one than first meets the eye

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