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Thread: China, USSR, N Korea planned Japan invasion in Korean War

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    China, USSR, N Korea planned Japan invasion in Korean War

    China, USSR, N Korea planned Japan invasion in Korean War: files
    Wednesday, February 21, 2007 at 07:12 EST

    LONDON — U.S. Army intelligence officials were told that China, the Soviet Union and North Korea planned to invade Japan during the Korean War, according to documents unearthed at the National Archives in London by Kyodo News. A "confidential source" told officials the three countries were to attack Japan by air and submarine and the assault would also involve an invasion of Taiwan.

    The informer said Joseph Stalin, Kim Il Sung and Mao Zedong all met in Moscow for around five days to formalize the plan on or around Dec 3, 1950. They also discussed strengthening their alliance and agreed to complete their occupation of South Korea by April 1951. Members of the G-2 intelligence section of the U.S. Far East Command (FEC) had doubts about the scheme but thought it could not be ruled out given the circumstances at the time. They did not think any of the countries named were capable of transporting the reported volumes of troops by sea to invade Japan.
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    The present would have been definitively different...

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    I would say General Ridgeway scuttled the Russian / Chinese plan for invading Japan. Ridgeway is my vote for greatest U.S. General as he turned a defeated, demoralized 8th Army around within months that pushed the Chinese back above the 38th parallel. Even with total U.S. air superiority it was a tremendous accomplishment given the circumstances, limited manpower and resources at the time.

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    The CCP had to give up Taiwan for Korea. There was no way they've could done Japan.

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    Yes, well 'traditionally' an 'invasion' has involved surface ships. However, they definitely would have had to stick to subs and aircraft, because Japan consists of islands and the USN would not have had any difficulty in dealing with anything on the surface of the ocean around Japan in the early 50's. Of course, they would not have had air superiority either. Hmmm, this 'plan' makes Sealion look like a slam dunk in comparison.

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    Not necessarily. What if they intended to invade and wage a 4GW? A Western or 2GW approach would not have worked, but remember the PRC also placed over a hundred thousand troops under our noses and our air supremacy. There is barely anything properly trained light infantry cannot win, air supremacy be damned.


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