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Thread: Post Your jokes here

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    A guy named Yuri got on a train Moscow-Vorkuta.
    He asks trainman to deliver four glasses of tea to his compartment number 5 which is already occupied by three other guys half an hour later. Then he walks in, presents himself and is warmly welcomed. The company continues to tell political jokes. About half an hour later he leans to wall socket and utters "Comrade major, four teas into the fifth please". Almost immediately the doors slams open, a squad of KGB gunmen walks in, arrests those three passengers and drag them out.
    "What's happening?!"
    "Don't worry, comrade major liked your joke. A lot!"
    We're so bad, we're even bad at it

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    Just got the internet today and it has turned my life around in 2 hours.
    Firstly I won an iPhone for being the 10,000th visitor to a site. Then I won a free Green Card to America. Found out that there are hundreds of horny women that are mad for sex in my area, found out a new way of growing my dick four extra inches, have a sexy Russian teenager on a plane over here and to top it all off I won 3 million in the Jamaican lottery.
    Must be beginners luck.

    Trust gets you killed, love gets you hurt, and being REAL gets you hated.

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