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Thread: Has Saudi Arabia ever reserved oil for the US?

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    Has Saudi Arabia ever reserved oil for the US?


    Is anyone aware of any deal (present or past) between the US government and the Saudi national oil company (Aramco), or the Saudi Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources to set aside a specific amount of that country's production to be purchased by/made available to only the US? Effectively holding back a portion of production from the world market for consumption only by the US and it's economy.

    Or perhaps there's some rights owned by the US government that allow it to contract out drilling rights on Saudi soil that have been arranged through arms agreements/trade concessions etc?

    (This second part is inspired by the recent sale of rights for natural gas exploration to various national companies, including the Russian company Lukoil, in the 'Empty Quarter'.)

    I only ask as it's a possible line of thought I might follow in an article I'm putting together, but it's a fairly obscure line of questioning (as well as sensitive, I suppose) and there's not a lot of information available.

    Thanks for any thoughts, ideas, even links?

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    In one of the documentries about Iraq War it was told that Saudin Arabians have invested more than 1 Trillion dollars in US. Most of it coming from The saudi royal family & others like Bin Laden Family(the second richest family in Saudi) and if one day they plan to take out all their money from US Clearly its nough to shake up the whole economy(its about 10% of Us GDP).

    Well i believe Us is increasingly looking for more oil sources like Iraq/Iran. & even central asia(some believe that with Afganistan under US control and evne pakistan as a puppy US is planning to make a pipeline from Central Asia to Arabian Sea from where the oil can the transpoorted to US. Clearly If USnis looking for alternate sources Its obvious that Saudis shoudl look for Alternate buyers.

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