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Thread: Celebrity Campaign Donations

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    Celebrity Campaign Donations

    This site has some pretty interesting info on the campaign donations of lots of famous people.

    Your thoughts?

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    No Surprises

    I don't see anything at that site that causes my jaw to drop in surprise. I support anyone's right to make political contributions as they see fit. However, I would also support laws that require a political entity to disclose any contribution they received from any foreign national or power, just so we might be able to fully see who is really pulling the strings.

    What causes me no end of surprise and consternation is the amount of credibility the average Joe gives to celebrity political endorsements. While George Clooney might be a pretty fair actor, that in no way gives him any insight into national or international issues. He knows no more about these topics (and based on comments he's made, probably knows a lot less) than I or any other average citizen knows. The media pays attention to him, and publicizes his views, for no better reason than he is famous. Well, also because he happens to agree with what most popular media people want politically.

    Kevin McHugh
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    What I found interesting was many of the "Jews who control Hollywood" that many think are behind the Iraq War somehow, donated most of their contributions to Democrats.

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    Yes, I was bored and went through the whole thing....

    ...and I find it interesting that:

    Dennis Hopper, the freespirit, smoke pot, let's do whatever man, has contributed 80% to GOP and 0% to Dems.

    Ted-the gun right advocate, kill animals with bow and arrow because god put them on this earth for us to eat-Nugent has contributed 33% to the GOP and 66% to the Dems.

    Prince contributed 100% to the GOP.

    Charlie Daniels has contributed 100% to the Dems.

    Dr. Phil AND Traci Lords contributed 100% to the GOP.

    And finally, Ben Afflick contributed less money in his life time than Mr. Sulu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YellowFever View Post
    ...and I find it interesting that:

    Charlie Daniels has contributed 100% to the Dems.
    Given his age and the fact he's Southern most of those contributions were proably to very conservative Democrats. Here in Mississippi, with just a few exceptions most of our Democrats are more conservative than a lot of Republicans

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