World Affairs Board has had a highly successful month. Here are some statistics which I thought may interest everyone -

All statistics are from the period July 1st 2004 July 30th 2004

New Members: 112 (growth of 25.1% during period!)
New Posts: 2,660
Most Active Users Ever: 275 (record set on July 21st 2004)
Unique Visitors: 32,327
Website Hits: 1,883,177
SQL Database Size: 153.20 Megabytes (as of 2359 GMT / UTC on July 30th 2004)
Bandwidth Usage: 24.60 Gigabytes (as of 2359 GMT / UTC on July 30th 2004)

World Affairs Board is becoming extremely popular a 25% increase in membership over the past 30 days is certainly no small task and 1.8 million hits is very impressive. A lot of this growth is down to the enthusiasm of our members.

I hope you all continue to enjoy World Affairs Board.

Well done everyone! :-)