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Thread: actual naval battle footage of the battle between the LTTE and the SL NAVY yesterday

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    actual naval battle footage of the battle between the LTTE and the SL NAVY yesterday

    Check this video out!

    this is the actual video footage of the battle that happaned day before yesterday during wich the sl navy lost 3 ships and lost about 45 killed and 4 taken prisoner by the LTTE

    omg..this looks like some movie! taken from the deck of an LTTE ship/boat....of ships exploding..sinking..and blasting into balls of fire..and tracers flying all around
    this video does not show the Sl air force aircraft and helicopters which also took part in the fighting, ...this video is a good example of a rebel navy taking on a state navy and winning

    video link

    link to the news about the battle

    Here is some info about the LTTE stealth boats that have been used for covert insertions/extractions and attacks on the srilankan navy with deadly effect.the below article is from "jane's" with exclusive video of the boats being tested

    a video of tiger stealth boats
    the video is from the janes defence weekly
    some of those boats looks like a copy of the F117!
    and sit very low on the water. during a recent clash with the srilankan navy, one of those stealth boats were recorded to be doing 50 knots!.

    video of the stealth boats

    the link for the thread on tiger stealthboats
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