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Thread: Most Adv. Attack Heli, KA-50

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    Quote Originally Posted by biteasaur View Post
    well i guess i need to ask for your humble forgiveness,i got the 2 mixed up.
    No problem. I was referring to the Tu-22 "Blinder" anyway, not the Tu-22M "Backfire".

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    The latest Apache's seem to have the edge in electronics & slightly more advanced ground missiles, but the Kamov KA-50/52's seem to be the more capable platform in speed & manouverability.

    The Russian attack helicopter doctrine that seems to shaping up will be interesting.
    KA-50's for scout/attack.
    KA-52's for command/attack.
    Mil-28N's for straight heavy gunships.

    From the way numbers are shaping up in orders, I'm guessing 2 Ka-50's & 1 KA-52 to 6 Mil-28N's.

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