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Thread: Israeli Prosecutors Recommend Charging Sharon-TV

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    Israeli Prosecutors Recommend Charging Sharon-TV

    Israeli Prosecutors Recommend Charging Sharon-TV
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    JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel's chief prosecutor will recommend to the attorney general that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (news - web sites) should be indicted in a long-running corruption case, Channel 2 television said on Saturday.

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    The report said State Attorney Edna Arbel had concluded there were sufficient grounds to charge Sharon with bribery in connection with a real estate deal involving his son, Gilad, and land developer David Appel, a stalwart of the prime minister's ruling right-wing Likud party.

    A final decision of whether to indict Sharon rests with Attorney General Menachem Mazuz once he receives Arbel's recommendations. There was no immediate official confirmation of the report.

    Sharon, 76, has in the past denied any wrongdoing but analysts have said Sharon would probably be forced from office if he were indicted.

    As prosecutors began considering the charges in January, Sharon told supporters at a rally he had no intention of resigning over the allegations.

    Sharon's aides said he would not step down even if he was indicted but an opinion poll in January said if charges were brought, the prime minister may have little choice but to bow to public pressure and go.

    Appel, who was charged in January with trying to bribe Sharon in the 1990s, denies the allegations against him.

    Prosecutors allege Appel hired Gilad Sharon in 1999 and paid him large sums to persuade his father, then foreign minister, to promote real estate deals, including a Greek island resort that was never built.

    Appel's indictment did not cite any evidence Sharon knowingly accepted money to grant political favors.

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    Throw Ariel Sharon in jail.
    Vote President Bush out.
    Kill Pervez Musharraf.

    It seems the mullahs and lefties have them as the top three most hated, and wish to get rid of them. Albeit in different ways.

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    Although in this case it might seem appropriate to try Sharon, if only to let all the charges be dropped
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