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Thread: PLA anti ECM/EMP communication device

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    PLA anti ECM/EMP communication device

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    All I see is a soup.

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    Finally, the old way of sending messages, we have them in India as well

    I think it may not be Anti EMP, atleast no one has ever tried in that environment.
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    Jokes of this kind have been around before. I remember the joke for a stealth ship in the 70's or early 80's, one that was acoustically silent, extreme fuel range, able to use its weapons despite EMP, and other such things. The punch line was the USS Constitution.

    But then again .............

    You laugh but one has got to be able to consider all possibilities, in all environments, to reach an answer. I had a problem once where one has to train a helo crew in a silent environment for a certain operation. We "used" radios off, kept the helo within the horizon, and hoisted signal flags.
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    Is this why the US military issues shotguns on a regular basis?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gunnut
    Is this why the US military issues shotguns on a regular basis?
    LOLOL. Not only are you disrupting the enemy's communications, they taste a lot better than MREs!
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