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    Turkish Land Forces

    The History Of Turkish Land Forces Command
    Turkish Land Forces was founded in BC.209 during the era of Empire of Hun by Mete Khan. Gaining the independence by defeating the people of Ghazna in Dandanakan Field Battle in 1040 and making Anatolia a new Turkish country by defeating Byzantiens in Malazgirt Field Battle in 1071, 26th August, Great Seljuks have established strong bases in organization and training of Land Forces. The effects of Seljuks and Mamelukes have been seen in the first years of Ottoman Empire that had been founded in 1299. The first appearance of organized Ottoman Army, has been in the era of Sultan I.Murat. While Ottoman army, the first including cavalry troops, had initially been consisting of Horseman Raiders, then it was transformed into a permanent structure known as the whole corps of Janizary forces by the participation of unmounted units. The whole corps of the Janizary forces played an important role in the rising period of the Ottoman Empire.

    By the degression period of Ottoman Empire, following the put down of the Janizary rebellion which had started in 1826, 15th June, these forces had been terminated. A new army named “Asakir-i Mansure-i Muhammediye” was established. The battalions named “Kol” had been forming the bases of this force. Reserve force “Redif” has also started its duty in this period.

    5 armies, consisting of personnel subjected to five years service, had been established by a new arrangement in 1843, and the number of armies had been increased to 6 by a change made in 1848. The Ottoman Army had reached to a force of approximately 300,000.

    At the end of the victory that has been achieved in the National Independence War by the leading of Atatürk, Turkish Land Forces has organized in three army inspector departments consisting of 9 corps and 3 cavalry divisions with two divisions each in the beginning of Republic period. The first tank troops have been established in 1934. Then, commando and parachute troops have been established, production of weapons, equipment and every kind of materials have been initiated. Army Commands have been put under the Command of Land Forces that has been established in 1949. Turkish Land Forces had abolished cavalry troops so, motorized troops have gained importance in the modernization period.

    In the present, Land Forces has been consisted of four army commands, 4.Corps Command, Cyprus Turkish Peace Force Command, Land Forces Training and Doctrine Command and Land Forces Logistic Command.

    Changing international political and military environment along with developing technology have necessitated Land Forces to reorganize, The forces have been adapted to modern war environment in 1990’s. A new organization has been established depending on the bases of Corps, Brigade and Battalion in order to improve the capability of Land Forces with this new concept.

    The training in Turkish Land Forces; is implemented in integrity from personal training that is applied as a mission oriented war environment to joint exercises and to train ready troops to the war.

    Turkish Land Forces is trying to modernize combat weapons and vehicles with a plan, by using existing resources efficiently, along with the studies about new force structure. In order to organize 2000’s Land Forces, the followings are the important and prior modernization projects that are proceeding;
    Attack/Tactical Reconnaissance Helicopters Project
    Target Acquisition/Identification Project
    Modern Infantry Rifle Project
    Anti-tank Project
    Artillery Automation Project
    Self-propelled STINGER Project
    NBC Projects
    Artillery Acquisition Radar Project
    Air Defence Early Warning System
    Modern Tank Project
    Mine Acquisition System Project
    Antiaircraft Artillery Project
    Cargo Helicopter Project
    APC/ACV Project
    Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Project
    Tactical Field Communications System Project
    Integrated Intelligence System Project
    Logistic İnformation System Project
    Modernization studies are not limited with modernization of combat weapons and vehicles, they also contain the necessary training and education activities that will make the future officer candidates to have the required qualities of 2020’s in order to create the main executive staff of Turkish Land Forces.In this frame;
    Implementation of System Engineering academy program has been initiated by the academic year 1991-1992 in Army War Academy. Army War Academy is aimed at graduating officers who have the bachelor of Science degree in System Engineering.
    Training and education activities of Military High Schools and Noncommissioned Officer Preparation Schools forming the first steps of leader staff have been arranged according to the information age requirements and implementation of model aiming at development of the creativity and critical thinking that are identified as “learning the learning at school” has been started at all middle degree military schools by the training and education year of 1996-1997

    By terminating the four terms training system by the academic year 1996-1997, two terms, each 6 month, training system has been started to be applied. Therefore, personnel and the troops have the opportunity of performing end-of-term exercises completely prepared and the efficiency of the training has been increased. Performing its task completely, being disciplined/trained/properly maintained, having sharp shooter in the superior combat power, adapting to the development of the age, always being ready to the mission, operating at every condition, having the guidance of the thought of Atatürk are taken as the primary goals for training the troops by Branch Schools/Branch Scool and Training Center Commands along with Enlisted Training Center Commands in the body of Turkish Land Forces.
    By increasing the effectiveness of education with new and modern weapons, vehicles and materials that are in the inventory of our army, training of the enlisted with weapons, vehicles and materials that will be used in the troops have been provided.

    Simulation and training of the simulator have been given importance in primarily Branch School/Branch School and Training Center Commands, and this has saved on labor, time, personnel and money.

    Turkish Land Forces has been very successful in keeping the peace of the world and especially the region at every period of history of our Republic. Turkey has joined Korea War with a brigade and by fighting for the ideal of United Nations, Turkey has gained the appreciation of the world. Land Forces has showed that it has always been ready to do its mission given to it, as a result of Cyprus Peace Operation which occured in 1974. While Land Forces has played an effective role in Somalia in 1993-1994 in keeping the world peace, it has been maintaining the same mission succesfully in Bosnia-Herzegovina by 1994 and in Kosova by 1999. Besides, in the integration frame of partnership for peace (PfP) nations, the execution of NATO Partnership For Peace Exercise has been initiated by 1995.

    Turkish Land Forces, with its existing structure, as the part of Armed Forces which is the steeled expression of Turkish union, Turkish strength and capability, Turkish patriotism, is always determined to serve our great people as they deserve and has the honor and pride of being under the order of its people.

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