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Thread: Random Thread

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    Scary story but with a happy ending

    I now know your next three generations will also remain with AMICA too

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    The other day I was finishing up a model and my compressor went out. Have been using a porter cable pancake compressor. But after 12 years between job sites and model building it finally gave up.

    Because of the noise, I was restricted to painting either in the basement or outside. Decided that I wanted a dedicated model compressor so I could paint in the house. Already have another one for the nail guns.

    Then i saw the prices. Highway robbery. Then did some shopping around. Picked out another work size compressor and couldn't be happier. Got a Kobalt Quiet tech with a 4.3gal tank. Its rated at 60 Decibels
    which is about normal speech levels. Standing next to it when its running you can carry on a conversation without raising your voice!

    I'm happy, using it in the house and more important the wife is happy. She says she hears less noise in the house then the old one when it was running in the garage. And we all know "Happy Wife, Happy Life"

    If I was doing finish work This is the compressor I'd be using.
    Its called Tourist Season. So why can't we shoot them?

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    Thanks for the heads up, Gunny.
    “We had been hopelessly labouring to plough waste lands; to make nationality grow in a place full of the certainty of God… Among the tribes our creed could be only like the desert grass – a beautiful swift seeming of spring; which, after a day’s heat, fell dusty.”
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