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Thread: 15 year old boy branded by employer

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    15 year old boy branded by employer

    AHMEDABAD: In a chilling reminder of the horrors of child labour in Gujarat, Mangilal Nat, 15, working at a tea-stall, was branded by hot tongs and beaten black and blue by his employer.

    Mangilal had been working at Raju Brahman’s teastall near Ankur bus stand for the past one year. On Wednesday, a sum of Rs 200 went missing and suspected Mangilal of the theft, Raju mercilessly thrashed Mangilal and branded him with a pair of hot tongs.

    Mangilal has sustained severe burn injuries on his neck and back, while his shoulders and hands bear the marks of inhuman treatment meted out by a devil of an employer.

    "I did not take any money, but he would just not listen. He kept on beating me,"cried Mangilal as he writhed in pain in the medical ward of VS Hospital. Mangilal's mother Shanta cried inconsolably as she tended to her son.

    "I can never imagine that anybody can act so devilishly on an innocent young child. He should be pushed behind bars for years so that no employer can ever think of doing this to any child who works to fill his stomach,"she said.

    Meanwhile, tea-stall owner Raju was arrested on Wednesday afternoon for branding his minor employee. The Naranpura police have booked him for charges of voluntarily causing grievous hurt.

    The arrest followed a complaint filed by Mangilal and his parents. According to Naranpura police inspector CC Raval, "Raju suspected that Mangilal had stolen Rs 200 from his shop."

    A fitting punishment would be that the employer is branded.

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    what a bastard... that dude should have got his peeps to beat the crap out of his employer... lol
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