BAGRAM AIR BASE, Afghanistan – Coalition forces conducted a precision strike Friday night in Helmand Province on an isolated insurgent training facility near the village of Qal’a Sak that resulted in the confirmed death of five extremists.
Qal’a Sak village is near the Afghanistan - Pakistan border.
Among those killed were key senior leaders of the Taliban network who have conducted attacks against Coalition and Afghan forces, Afghan officials and civilians. The extremists were also responsible for the proliferation of materials used in IED construction and employment that often resulted in deaths and injuries to numerous innocent citizens.
“This was a highly successful mission based on solid tactical intelligence and coordinated joint ground and indirect fires,” said Lt. Col. Paul Fitzpatrick, Combined Joint Task Force – 76 spokesman. “Enemy leadership will continue to be targeted so long as they pose a threat to the security and stability of Afghanistan .”
Coalition ground forces on the scene confirmed that damage was limited to the destruction of one targeted vehicle and two targeted buildings. There were no reports of injuries to civilians or damage to property.
A large cache was also discovered at the target location. Two concealed fighting positions were also discovered, both containing explosives and heavy machine guns and were destroyed in place.