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Thread: Bikini protester charms Venezuela President

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    Bikini protester charms Venezuela President

    Bikini protester charms Venezuela President
    Updated: 2006-05-13 09:17

    A bikini-clad beauty queen protesting plans for a pulp mill in Uruguay pushed into a photo shoot of European and Latin American leaders at a summit on Friday and Venezuela's president said he blew her a kiss.

    A Greenpeace activist holds up a sign to protest against pulpmill pollution after the family photo of the heads of states of European Union, Latin American and Caribbean at the 'IV Summit of the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean' in Vienna May 12, 2006. [Reuters]

    Evangelina Carrozo, Greenpeace activist and carnival queen from the Argentine town of Gualeguaychu, evaded security as she stripped to a tasselled bikini and thigh-high leather boots carrying a sign protesting plans for the pulp mill.

    "She was very pretty and I blew her a kiss," said Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez, who spoke to reporters in Vienna after security ejected Carrozo from the room where the joint summit photo was taken.

    "It was one of the best things that have happened at this summit," said Chavez, a left-winger who has become an icon of the anti-globalisation movement but has been criticised by other Latin American leaders in Vienna for his confrontational style.

    Argentina has called for Uruguay to drop plans for the $1.7 billion pulp project along the Uruguay river that borders both countries, saying it will cause pollution.

    The mills are being built by Finland's Metsa-Botnia and Spain's Ence.

    Chavez said: "I didn't see anything about pulp, I was just looking at her."
    Seems to be that he wasn't only one charmed.
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    seems interesting

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    My wife lived in Venezuela for 8 years after escaping from Hungary. Her brother elected to stay behind when the rest of the family got on the quota to go to the United States.

    As for the Venezuelan President giving a wink to the scantily clad protester, it's understandable. The rumor is that all men down there have to wear baseball cups (cod pieces) made of HY-80 armor plate so they won't take up so much room in an elevator that may have a pretty girl on it.

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