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    Quote Originally Posted by HistoricalDavid
    For penetrating dense material I'm guessing it's better to with more mass rather than more velocity. A harpoon performs a similar function to a bullet, just underwater, yet is significantly slower and heavier. Probably also why the Big BLU will be more effective than ICBM penetrators.
    There's a happy medium, and the construction of the penetrator is the overridning determiner of what that medium is. WRT penetrators, if properly constructed, about mach 7(CKEM is mach 6.6/8.1kps/7400fps@SL, whereas M829A3 APFSDSDU sabot about mach 5.5-6) is the absolute limit of what we can currently build-that i am aware of- and have it still stay intatct on impact.
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