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Thread: ASELPOD to become operational mid-2011

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    ASELPOD to become operational mid-2011

    Turkish media (Gündem AselPod bulacak F16lar vuracak ZAMAN) has reported that ASELSAN (Turkish defence electronics giant) will begin delivering the ASELPOD Advanced Tageting Pod mid-2011. Turkey is planning to integrate the ASELPOD on all it's F-4E Terminator 2020, Simsek and F-16 CCIP.

    The ASELPOD greatly increases the combat effectiveness of combat aircraft, allowing them to fly at very low altitudes, at night and under bad weather to attack ground targets with a variety of precision-guided weapons.

    ASELSAN began developing the ASELPOD in 2005 after Turkish Air Force officials were not satisfied with the performance of the Sniper ATP they had procured.

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