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Thread: A History of Misunderstanding - Israel and Palestinian textbooks

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    A History of Misunderstanding - Israel and Palestinian textbooks

    Israeli and Palestinian textbooks: Researchers have conducted a comprehensive study that reveals that both sides are guilty of distorting the truth in the classroom. - Slate Magazine

    a very interesting comparison of israeli and palestinian textbooks.

    becoz we don't have a lot of palestinian members here, what do our israeli folks say about the textbooks they saw growing up?
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    Both sides are guilty. Hmmm...equally so? If so, does that even matter?

    Here are some further thoughts-

    Israelis Unhappy With The Study Of Their Textbooks and Palestinians'-WAPO Feb. 3, 2013
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    I was educated in Ukraine/Israel/United States. The historical narratives taught in each country seem to be a blend of indisputable fact and national perception.

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    I know they all judge schools and universities by what grades the students who attend them achieve... but wouldn't a better judgement be how many of their students get decent jobs? For myself I don't agree with State education or having a Government enforce a curriculum. It's the thought police... repeat after me "The Great King/Leader/Patriotic War was so great because...". Well if you argue that he it wasn't so great then you are marked down. Sure you need the 'three 'r's' but the rest is indoctrination and does nothing to teach the critical skills needed to assess a problem.

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