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  1. Knaur Amarsh
    Knaur Amarsh
    I mostly drive a 2008 Suzuki Swift Dzire, its got the 1.3L Fiat/Gm/Suzki diesel engine, fantastic engine for what its designed to do, fairly torquey, good driveability, no tire shredder obviously but I find it sufficient to drive on both city and highway, best part is the fuel efficiency, its giving me 20+kmpl in city driving with the A/C on!
  2. Knaur Amarsh
    Knaur Amarsh
    Short term, I'd like to get rid of the Wagon R sometime within months, and get a scrapped 4*4 soft top Maruti Gypsy - - which I ll then get the bodywork fixed, suspension overhaul, free flow exhaust, alloy wheels and new tires, battery and engine refurbished/ new block, pistons, crankshaft, connecting rod,other stuff etc. depending on the condition. Lets see how that pans out.

    If I had to do the same thing with an extra 7k$ to spend on this then I'd go the whole hog and fit in a 1.6L Suzuki (mounts directly) or 1.9 L Isuzu engine(just needs a bit of mod), INRC spec interiors, Koyo power steering unit(fits easily on it), rally based suspension etc., but thats not for now.
  3. sohamsri
    Gypsy is a good choice. The purest all-terrain-crawler ever made :D Its second only to the Arjun.

    Anyway, I'm 17, so I don't "officially" drive. When my mums not around I take the Hyundai Sonata for a cruise on the Gurgaon flyovers.
    First car was the 1996 Maruti-800(Still miss that car).
    2nd car was a 2nd hand 1996 Maruti-Esteem.
    And now a Hyundai Sonata Gold.

    Dream car, a pimped up '68 Mustang.

  4. Knaur Amarsh
    Knaur Amarsh
    Shoudn't have sold that Esteem Soham, Sonata, now its nice and all ok, but not something u'd wanna drive at 17, but an Esteem, would'ev been a hoot to modify acc to ricer tastes, plus a 96 model so wudn't have hurt that much to do a bit of experimenting , stuff which u wudnt try on a newer car.
  5. Knaur Amarsh
    Knaur Amarsh
    Gypsy, ah well, there's these 06 models for auction in Chd., scrapped Gypsies ain't that difficult to find, but these are belting good ones, cuz 06 must be the mpfi engine, and the engines can't be too hard to get in top notch shape, reserve price was around 100k+, normally scrap Gyps go for around 50-60k reserve, but those are old models, 4wd is suspect, some are narrow body models(terrible handling), no mpfi of course, some are even 1 L models (same as old zen, 967 cc engine) .... so these are gems as far as all that goes, pity am just getting the home painted and bought a .22 revolver, no' much spare cash in hand, and these ones are auctioning off on 9th Oct., what a shame, still if wishes were horses and all huh
  6. tankie
    1st car was a clapped out heap o shit called a vw beetle , i now drive a merc slk 2 seater sport
  7. Blue
    First car was a '79 Dodge Magnum, second was a '68 olds 442, third was '69 Mustang Mach I.

    After that, the army made me drive a jeep. and after that, mostly all I owned was trucks and SUVs(before they were called SUVs) namely a couple of GMC Jimmys. Firts one a '76 the next an '82.

    My favorite vehicle of all of them was a '64 Ford F-100. I rebuilt it frame up with a 302, auto and late model electronic ignition. Best truck i ever had!
  8. Capsoda
    I'm a Model A Ford guy. I have 4 1930-31s in boxes out in my shop. Well not all are in boxes, one is about half finished as a hot rod. I do have this nice 76 Vette out in my shop that I am trying to sell.

    My first car was a 1960 Ford Falcon. Drug it home in 68 and had it on the drag strip in 69.

    I am also the President of the Panhandle Cruisers Car Club in Pensacola Florida. Check out our web site. [url=]Panhandle Cruisers[/url]
  9. sohamsri

    You are right about the Sonata. Its all luxury no-grunt car. But that esteem was kind of dead. Just used to randomly start choking and stopping anywhere. )

    About the Gypsie, if you have around 60k to spare, you might try Hissar. And fit an Isuzu engine into it. One of my uncles did that. )
  10. Big K
    Big K
    TATA needs a huge change of vision...
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