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The World Affairs Board's His Most Exalted Divine Majestic Excelllency,Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, Emperor PalPutin, Lord Vlad Putin of Russia and The Satellites, Overlord of the Caucus, OKGB (Order of the KGB) , Primus inter pares-in-waiting of the NWO Darth Putinus, Tiger Slaying Shmexy Beast appreciation society.

Even dolphins love him.

(P.S. - Joining now gives you the advantage of becoming a founding member of Our Lord of Putin church, which is to be founded shortly and will become the official state religion of the NWO in the near future, hence giving you the opportunity to rise high in the Putinocratic hierchy)

Since owners are now free to set guidelines for their own groups, Id just like to add that the WAB rule regarding personal attacks is no longer applicable to this group, and participant members are strongly encouraged to make remarks of a derogatory nature against, and cast suspicions over the dubious parentage of our Padre Eric "Tankie" Harding.

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