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  1. Big K
    Big K
    NVH Level,
    Quality Control,

    these are the things that i look for the first row.
  2. Big K
    Big K
    no, really if TAaaTA have no improvement in its Visataa & Manaza models i will quit this job as soon as possible.

    cost cutting is something but being cheap is another.

    they put 4 door electric windows, fog lamps on the car but no noise barrier at all...

    even our TOFAS Sahin series were better than this...

    sorry my Indian friends here on WAB, no offence at all to India.
  3. ShawnG
    Right now I drive a 2009 Infiniti G37x, Black on Wheat Leather with all the bells and whistles.

    My first car was a 1992 Hyundai S-coupe (5-spd) that I blew the head gasket on. Went from that to a 1993 Saturn SL2 (5 Spd), to a 1987 LTD Crown Vic (auto), to a 2001 Jeep Wrangler (5 Spd), to a 2007 Saab 93 (6 spd man) (also had a 2003 Ram 1500 at the same time). I traded the Saab and the Ram in on the Infiniti.

    328 horsies, 7 speed automatic, All wheel drive, Voice activated phone/navigation... she's pretty!
  4. Blue
    A few years ago, I got my dream truck. A '97 chevy, K3500 crew-cab. Single wheel with a Vortec 350.

    Last Saturday, My wife and I got something we have wanted for a long time. What do you get when you want a Corvette, but need an SUV?

    395 HP, LS2 Corvette engine, tuned air suspension, rolling on low profiles with 20" rims, Chevy Trailblazer SS. I am not grown up enough for this vehicle, but I don't care.
  5. Blue
    Can we post pics here???
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