1. Knaur Amarsh
    Knaur Amarsh

    Army chief Deepak Kapoor on Tuesday warned that terror attacks like the 26/11 strike in Mumbai could happen again.

    "We need to take all steps to prevent the recurrence of 26/11-type attacks. But we cannot rule out the possibility of such attacks," Kapoor said on the sidelines of an army function.
  2. Knaur Amarsh
    Knaur Amarsh
    Kapoor statement came amid warnings by the Israelis as well as the FBI that terrorists could be planning a major offensive in India. Indian
    intelligence agencies too have issued warnings and identified Kolkata, Bangalore and Mumbai as vulnerable targets.

    Kapoor said stability in Pakistan was necessary to stop the spillover of terror from across the border. "We have to collectively battle such
    threats," he said.

    On allegations by the Pakistan army that Indian weapons had been seized from terrorists involved in the recent attacks in Pakistan,
    Kapoor said New Delhi did not support any terror group in the region. "We want Pakistan to be stable and peaceful," he said.

    - With inputs from agencies
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