Should India conduct another series of nuke tests?

  1. Deltacamelately
    With the ongoing row between some of DRDO's and BARC's scientists about the failed thermo nuclear tests conducted in 1998 and the stated low yield of the fission devices, the credibility of India's nuclear arsenal has been put to question. Now considering the latest Indo-US nuclear deal and the possible sanctions imposed if India were to conduct another series of tests, is it worth the price to conduct newer tests so as to gather more data for future simulations, strictly speaking from a military perspective? It would be intersting to know the opinion of Non-Asian members aalong with their assessment of the current Indian arsenal.
  2. Knaur Amarsh
    Knaur Amarsh
    Not right now, I believe we have adequate deterrence at the moment and a new series of tests won't be worth the price, but we should be open to review of our current program should the need arise and shouldn't sign any treaty that adversely affects our ability to conduct further testing in the future.
  3. hammer
    What if we can convince a friendly P5 country to conduct tests on our behalf and claim it as their own ? U.S, France or Russia might agree. Its not unprecedented.
  4. Deltacamelately
    India won't share any data or design specification with anyone. Not even Russia. Before 1974 there were speculations and suggestions for a Soviet nuclear umbrella and the Soviets were kind of okay for one. India simply conducted "Smiling Buddha" and walked off smart.
  5. Luke Gu
    Luke Gu
    I think UN have had much trouble because of Iran and North Korea,so I don't think it's a good time to do it。
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