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  1. Knaur Amarsh
    Knaur Amarsh
    What do you usually drive? Which was your first car and whats your short-term realistic dream car :P i.e. something you'd like to buy within the next couple of years or so?
  2. gunnut
    I currently drive a Subaru Impreza wagon (2006), non-turbo. I like it. It's a very utilitarian car. One of the few things I don't like about it is that it's not geared for high speed crusing. The car is quite noisy at high speeds and the engine feels like it's running out of steam. My Lexus IS300 (2002) feels like it has a lot of reserve power at high speeds.

    I guess a realistic deam car for me would be an Impreza WRX STi. Don't think I have the spare cash for a brand new one. Maybe I'll get a used one.
  3. Shamus
    My first car was a 1972 Pontiac LeMans,350 cu in with a stock two barrel Rochester carb.I wanted more performance out of the engine and was too cheap to spring for a four barrel manifold.Instead I bought the biggest Holley two barrel I could find......I got better performance but it drank gas almost as fast as tankie drinks beer....when I sold the car I put the original carb back on and sold the Holley to my best friend.He in turn put it on his 1970 Buick Skylark.He was having a little trouble with the linkage being a bit stiff but he figured it would loosen up as time went by.Wellllll....he came by one day a few days later and picked up my girlfriend and I to go crusin'.More to follow....
  4. Shamus
    He decided to show off a little and punched it as we were headed down a two lane asphalt road.......yes,the throttle stuck wide open and we were approaching 100 mph as quick as you could say the same time I noticed that we had a gravel truck gaining size very quickly in front of us and opposing traffic in the other lane.This road having no shoulder and deeeep ditches on either side pretty much limited his options.I could see the panic in his eyes as he tried to pump the gas pedal and release the linkage.My girlfriend was screaming so loud that he couldn't hear me screaming at him to "Shut it off in gear!!!!!".So instead he proceeds to put it in neutral........yep....took about three seconds for the engine to decide that we had exceeded its mechanical limits and proceeded to throw connecting rods hither,thither and yon.....We rolled to a stop,got out of the car and crawled underneath.It looked like someone dropped a grenade in the oil pan..........).
  5. gunnut
    Holy smokes!!!
  6. Canmoore

    I Drive a 2005 Pontiac Pursuit, basically a G5, but when they first came out in Canada they were called Pursuits. Its a nice car, I bought it with only 51,000km's on it. Not bad at all.

    I really enjoy it, its a standard so its fun to drive. Hell of a lot better than my old car, a 1989 Dodge Shadow. That POS died on the side of a highway in -30 on a January evening. Luckily, a friend of mine just happened to be driving down the opposite side of the highway and picked me up!

    I would really like one of the new Imprezza's, they are sharp looking little cars. Either that, or the Dodge Challenger RT, in all black!!
  7. zraver
    Mybaby is my limited edition 1988 Nissan 300zx turbo SS. Although currently down for a heart transplant and cosmetic surgery. Before she went down she had a guttted intake plenum, poly engine mountsm, ACT street pro clutch, electric fans, T3/t4 hybrid turbo, cut exhaust with no cats, coil packs and a SDS EM-6F engine management system that combined to put 226hp at the wheels. Stock the car did 205 at the crank. Part of her heart transplant is a new W series short block that has been tanked, balanced, blue printed and bored .20 over (on hand). I am also adding MBC 450cc injectors (on hand), Walbro 255lph fuel pump, front mounted inter-cooler and a wide band sensor for more accurate tuning. My goal is 350-400whp. So far my kill list is nice but could stand to be better. I've killed a Honda S2000, Mustang GT, 1993 300zx (non-turbo), 2003 350z, numerous eclipses but have gotten spanked by a 2006 heavily modded Mustang Gt and a modded 98 Trans AM with LS1.
  8. Knaur Amarsh
    Knaur Amarsh
    Shamus, my first car was a 2000 Suzuki Wagon R, still got it, its got no 0-100 mph timing because it cannot do 100 mph ) Well down a mineshaft maybe ....
  9. Knaur Amarsh
    Knaur Amarsh
    GN, Canmoore ,

    The Impreza looks like a fine one, unfortunately Subarus aren't, even if they were am sure the tax structure would push the price way beyond my budget.


    Cars in all black look good all right! Driving one here isn't that smart an idea though, same with leather interiors, when you park one outside in the 48* C and have to drive off, the cabin is way too hot for comfort. Affects all cars of course but black ones with leather interiors seem to have it worst.
  10. Knaur Amarsh
    Knaur Amarsh
    Z, I dig your ride , post the pics and specs when its done with the cosmetic changes.

    Related note, I was reading through some automobile forums and this chap in Mumabi's managed to get 425 whp from his fwd Honda City!
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