!! Common Sense vs Nonsense !!

  1. CommiCzar
    Merely a personal opinion....based upon personal observations:.........>

    It all boils down to the fact that the US govt is owned by Wall $treet;
    therefore, the US form of govt in now known as a "Corp-Govt", which
    is corrupt to its very core.

    "Common Sense" has to trump all of the "Nonsense" if the US working
    class / middle class is to once again have any chance at the so-called
    "American Dream"....which has turned into an "American Nightmare".
  2. dundonrl
    Well, we need to get rid of as much big government as we can.. 99% of the stuff out there should be county or at the worst state level ran.. and if it's not specifically prohibited, should be allowed to the citizens of the USA.. the federal govt should be there for the military, and interstate laws.. otherwise keep their big noses out of things.. (that would take care of the big business problem as well)
  3. Jim Ray
    Jim Ray
    It all comes down to what our founding fathers wanted and this from what i can tell is having the government at a very minimal standpoint. It was created in my opinion to keep americans together in the early era but not to intrude on anything more than road building and providing a substancial military to keep us protected and to protect us from ourselves like in the civil war
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