Un resolution

  1. SLK
    Will pakistan go behind the United Nations resolution and pakistan will agree for united states of kashmir??
  2. SLK
    Pakistan should have to give political rights to kashmiris and have to fallow the UN resolution and give us constitutional rights
    Shahid Latif khan ukpnp
    Bagh pok
  3. SLK
    people of Kashmir wish to determine their own future without any internal of external pressure but in last 63 years Pakistan is using different tactics to overthrow and dismantle their wishes and aspiration by buying some Kashmiri stooges inside Kashmir.
    We are striving for united, independent, sovereign Jammu Kashmir state.
    Shahid latif khan
    Bagh (POK)
  4. CommiCzar
    I support any Peoples' right for self-determination,
    and I am opposed to the status-quo; whereby, the
    past has to be maintained...in spite of the growth
    of a People.

    "Evolution Begets Revolution".....i.e...the more
    a People grow, the more they know; therefore,
    they eventually seek / need change that embraces
    and renews their basic wants and needs, not only
    for the immediate...but for the future of their children.
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