Pillion Riding in karachi

  1. faram87
    One may favor this law, the Bann on pillion riding in the city of Karachi as this law has minimized the rate of criminal activities like cell phones snatching and life threatening scenarios but many citizens believe that its one of the black laws triggered by the black, shadowed government (Culture of lawlessness within the govt.) As corruption is present in the root of laws itself and everybody is aware for those young riders who donít hold any license and registration papers of their vehicles they own or may not own, there is no check and balance in this regard.
  2. faram87
    This is how criminals find the hole to breach into the security and easily violate the system and by banning on pillion riding can this be stopped? I donít think so since this type of laws only arises from the culture of lawlessness & corruption where justice is very sadly and cheaply sold.
  3. faram87
    Last but not least when our law enforcement and other security assets are not honest to their jobs so the bottom-line is flagged this day as the whole idea of banned on pillion riding feels like anarchy and there are many who share this critical point of view.

    -– 22,Farrukh Amin Siddiqui, Karachi
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