Welcome to the Comedy Club

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  1. Julie
    Welcome Shamus to the Comedy Club as being our very first member.
  2. Shamus
    Why,thank you very much Ms. Julie....I am very proud to be the [B]first[/B] member of the club aside from yourself.
  3. Julie
    Okay, I'm having one of those Sarah Palin moments again....you just let me know I can't count. ) Me and you make TWO ! LOL )
  4. Prof
    Ms. Julie:

    Thanks for the invite. An honor. Let's see...

    Oh. Hey, Shamus. My only audible WABbit.

  5. Shamus
    Hey,I warned you about leaving the door open Julie....tankie and Knaur managed to get in......we need a bouncer at the door of this place.

    Welcome aboard Prof.
  6. Knaur Amarsh
    Knaur Amarsh
    I will have you know Shamu, that such snide comments about Tankie do not help. He is a natural for the club, hell, his whole life is a fkin joke
  7. Prof
    Well, ma'am, I tried to post a joke, in keeping with this joint's name, but was prevented by a <1000 character limit on posts. Twitter jokes only?

  8. Julie
    LOL....I dunno, but is a darn good question. I'll check on that. Twitter jokes tho? I guess if you must....:(
  9. Shamus
    Hey prof,we got around the limit by just continuing the joke on the next post...kind of a pain but it works
  10. Julie
    Top says he knows nothing about how the social groups are set up. I'll have to talk with Matt about it. He said he thought it was set up like that so it doesn't become a [I]defacto[/I] forum. Don't ask me what that means, cuz I have not a clue. )

    Sorry I've not been here, I can't hardly drag myself away from those college football games, and oh yeah, I officially started dating again. I never thought at my age I would have a boyfriend. )
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