Football and Putin

  1. Tango61Charlie
    FOREIGN VIEW: Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin talked energy and football with his Italian and Turkish counterparts.

    "Tayyip, I send you my love and hope that when you start speaking, you will congratulate me on Milan's victory over Real Madrid yesterday," Italy's Silvio Berlusconi told Turkey's Tayyip Erdogan.

    In his turn, Putin thanked Erdogan for a goal scored by Turkish midfielder Gokdeniz Karadeniz that sealed the victory for Russian team Rubin Kazan over Barcelona in the Champions League.

    Putin said: "Barcelona is a very respected club. In Russia there are many fans who love this team. But this is a sport. Our team Rubin was stronger this time. I repeat once again, thanks to efforts by a Turkish player."

    "I congratulate you once more but I will have to work a little bit on the Spanish Prime Minister," quipped Berlusconi.

    "He has nothing to be upset about," Putin said.

    Wonder if Putin would be interested in buying Blackburn Rovers
  2. tankie
    Ha yes , why not , as CHELSKI is already sold
  3. snapper
    HIMSELF could beat Brazil and Spain ALONE surely? I hope he will be taking in all events in the Winter Olympics.
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