Fantasy Role Playing & Science-Fiction

  1. Big K
    Big K
    hi hobbits,

    i wanted to gather here to discuss everything that we would share eachother,

    about books,
    about games,
    about short stories maybe,
    about everything in your imagination.

    see you soon


    may the power be with you...
  2. Big K
    Big K
    i wonder if we can play a MUD on this board...
  3. Shamus Junior
    Shamus Junior
    I'd say I'm more of an elf than a hobbit, and my dad's more of a dwarf. I would follow you to the depths of Middle-Earth, my lord. My bow is yours.
  4. Big K
    Big K
    what would be the best fantasy series in your mind?

    mines are:

    Lord Of The Rings - J.R.R. Tolkien
    Elenium - David Eddings
    Dragonlance - Margareth Weis/Tracy Hickman
    Tales From Earthsea - Ursula K.Leguin

    there are few others would be in the list but these are best of best i think.
  5. mustavaris
    Nothing rises above Tolkienīs works, but gotta admit that Game of Thrones is good.
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