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  1. tankie
    Right lads as ya can see im showing off me new motor avatar , sad thing is tho , i cant have a drink n drive , i bought it from the church roof donations from VD and Knaurs tobaco stash . the plate stands for Eric 1 RTR cool huh , forra girly car
  2. Knaur Amarsh
    Knaur Amarsh
    Sir Focker, there's another group for automobiles Bring it on there:P

    I don't do drinking n driving either, the drink tends to spill over bad roads )
  3. Kommunist
    Or spill over the car upholstery. Worse even, some roads in India can make you sea-sick.
  4. Big K
    Big K
    i miss hot weather for a beer in a icy glass...

    in cold i dont like beer.
  5. Knaur Amarsh
    Knaur Amarsh
    but we drink it anyway )
  6. gunnut
    I had an ice cold Stella Artois at the air show on Saturday. It was nice and cold. Great to beat the 85F temperature and the sun beating down on my head.

    I'll post some pictures later. Not the beer I had. But the air show pictures.
  7. Blue
    Any other Coors light fans here? Is CL just an American beer or does anyone have it anywhere else?
  8. Knaur Amarsh
    Knaur Amarsh
    They don't got it in India, not around here anyway, in the metros perhaps.
  9. Kommunist
    Not at my place either. Only get Corona, Bud, Carlsberg n Heineken here at my place other than the regular indian lot.
  10. sohamsri
    Haven't moved past breezers yet.
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