Might as well be Canadian

  1. Shamus
    Yah,dat's me eh?I'm further North than a lot of Canadians,talk like 'em,can almost throw a rock across the river into Canada,see almost as many Ontario license plates as Michigan and still think they have better beer.......
  2. Canmoore

    Funny thing, I was watching a documentary on this tiny parcel of land in Northern Minnesota, The Canadian Border and the shoreline of Lake of the Woods, cut it off from the mainland united States. There are no roads connecting it to the mainland US, only access is via boat.

    I forget what this tiny group of stranded Americans were asking Congress for, but Congress continued rejecting there requests.

    Than this small community of people living in this area, declared that they were going to annex themselves to Canada! That is to funny, however Congress finally caved..I think that they built a bridge or some type of transit way to this little patch of USA surrounded by Canada lol
  3. silentsam
    Just like Point Roberts...

    I am not a Canadian, but I have been stuck in this country for the last two years.
  4. Canmoore
    what a shame lol
  5. Lunatock
    Currently, I realise and yes dread the thought of sharing Silent Sam's fate. Being stuck with a Canuckian woman.
  6. silentsam
    Leaving Canada tomorrow. It has been a long two years.
  7. Rumrunner
    I got roots in PEI, not sure if they are stil there in one form or another, but thats where part of my clan came from.
  8. SlipKnot
    Is this the place? Where the heck am I? Were buying what? Oh well.......
    I must have made it.
  9. SlipKnot
    By the way...... hope everyone is doing well. I'm still kickin ass
  10. SlipKnot
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