1. Knaur Amarsh
    Knaur Amarsh
    To start off the group, which is your favourite period/block of history to read about? Which is the one you have actually looked into most and is there any particular branch of history you'd really like to read about in the future?
  2. Shamus
    I've moved around a lot as far as a particular time period.Military history for the most part,when I was in high school it was the Greco-Roman time period..the American Indian wars,both tribe against tribe and Indian against European influences,the Boer War,WWI,WWII,Korea,French Indochina,Algeria,Kenya,the Congo,Vietnam/Cambodia,Chinese civil war,American civil war,Iran-Iraq,the Gulf war...to pin it down is pretty tough....I guess my two major areas of interest would be the American Indian wars and WWII.
  3. Bigfella
    American history from the Civil War onward. Most C20th history with particular interest in WW2 & the Vietnam War & related conflicts (If I ever finish my damned thesis & get the f*****g thing passed I'll post a copy for WABBers to read).
  4. Kansas Bear
    Kansas Bear
    European History from the "Fall" of the Western Roman Empire to WWI.
  5. Knaur Amarsh
    Knaur Amarsh
    Tsk tsk, not with Shamus around Bigfella, he'd plagiarise it shamelessly and pass it off as his own research.

    Now me, I wouldn't even think of such a thing )
  6. Bigfella
    The way I'm going having somebody else plagarize my work is the only way it will get published.
  7. antonio
    From Post-WW2 to beyond the Cold War... that's one big messy can of worms right there.
  8. USSWisconsin
    here's a surprise The battleship Era 1860-1992 from the first armored steam powered ocean going warship to the retirement of the last one with the main period of interest being from 1873 - 1949 (the commissioning of HMS Devestation to Jean Bart).
  9. mustavaris
    Iranian history
    Medieval history in general
    History and development of religions, sciences and philosophy
  10. snapper
    Classical history mostly but alot of Enlightment and history of science stuff too and of course theory of history; the person is great or the time and place makes a great person etc...
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