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Thread: 2010 QDR Army Future Force Structure Question RE: Stryker Brigades

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    2010 QDR Army Future Force Structure Question RE: Stryker Brigades


    I haven't posted in a really long time, been very busy recently. I happened to be taking a look at the QDR the other day and was a little confused about some of the content regarding the Army force structure. I know that the QDR is not "written in stone" but rather sort of a guiding vision, but as the future force structure is something that I am interested in, I want to know why in the QDR has a Army future total force with 8 Stryker Brigades. This runs contrary to a recent article from the Army Times Army to switch 2 heavy brigades to Strykers - Army News, news from Iraq, - Army Times which states that the Army is intending to convert a brigade of the 1st Armored Division and then the 3rd ACR to Stryker units bringing the total to 9. What gives? Any other comments on the QDR in general?

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    the 9th is the only National Guard unit which is a SBCT. The 28th ID (Mech) of the PA ARNG transitioned it 56 Brigade to a SBCT in 07/08 if I remember correctly, so there will be 8 Army SBCTs and 1 Guard SBCT.

    Havent had a chance to read through the review yet but im sure there will be something of interest and worthy of discussion


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    Thanks for the response. The bit that confuses me is that in the QDR I read it as saying that the 8 Stryker Brigades are the Active+Reserve. I wonder if that is just a typo in the QDR reflecting your above point that the nine total would include 8 active component and the 1 NG brigade. I think that the future total force for the Army as broken down in the QDR(to my understanding) was to look something like this:

    Total BCTs 73 (45 active/28 reserve component)
    Infantry 40
    Heavy 25
    Stryker 8
    Combat Aviation Brigades 21 (13 active/8 reserve component)
    12 Patriot Battalions 7 THAAD batteries

    The active/NG breakdown of the above brigades is not mentioned, but in addition to the added aviation brigades, it also implies that there will be additional armor units that will become infantry. Im still a little confused about the Strykers, because according to this force structure there is one fewer Stryker Brigade than I count in force structures from other sources. Im also interested to know where the Heavy units that will be changed to Infantry will come from.
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