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Thread: Vets killed in train crash

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    Vets killed in train crash

    Wow, this is such a tragedy. Granted things can come at you from any direction in life but after what these four dealt with one would think life could cut them a break. They should have been able to live life and grow old with their families enjoying their children and future grandchildren at home. Very sad...

    Veterans killed in train crash were war heroes - SFGate

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    I don't LIKE this but I am appreciative for posting such sad news.

    Truly the Lord works in mysterious ways. I pray there's a plan amidst the tragedy here.
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    My sincere condolences

    May they all Rest in Blessed Peace

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    Rest in Peace
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    Sad , RIP GUYS

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    This happened not far from my home, and the shock and tragedy of it is beyond words.

    Word was, the vets were helping their wives and friends off the float and out of the way before the train hit.

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    Signals Activated Before Train Hit Veterans' Float : NPR

    Looks like the tragedy could have been averted.
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