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09 Nov 03,, 16:04
get on
and then join wabcom, we need to register our channel!

from #support:
"<KOJV> s_qwert63 - in order to register a Quakenet channel, join it and gain ops (@). Then you need three friends to join the channel and stay there for two hours. If you don't have three friends, you must not advertise your channel in other channels (if you do, you'll get your ass kicked)
<KOJV> s_qwert63 but go shopping for new friends. When you had ops and three people in the channel for two hours, click Services, L, on www.quakenet.org and auth, then request L for your channel. If you don't know about authenticating, ask in #support "How do I auth?""

09 Nov 03,, 16:05
ironman, you need to join as well, if you want to be the owner of the channel.